I went to a lovely wedding last Saturday, which meant I spent Sunday feeling a bit fragile and mainly lolling about and intermittently watching the tennis.

But it was a gorgeous sunny day and I had heard through the grapevine that this new Italian meat grilling warehouse had opened and were doing a cheap meaty lunch which sounded just about perfect.


the lamb skewer had deliciously caramelized fat


beef was prefectly cooked, dark pink inside and dripping with meat juices from the grill

The Sunday menu was very straightforward: £5 gets you a grilled meat on a stick with a choice of lamb, pork, beef or chicken. Comes with an open-face DIY sandwich (a bun with some green stuff and caramelised onions) and a side salad of orechiette with pesto.

We sampled the lamb, pork and beef, with an excellent glass of the house wine which was a lovely unfiltered, slighlty cloudy white.


I went back last night for one of their family-style dining ticketed events, the best way I can describe it is audience participation supper club. The communal tables and shared platters lend themselves to mingling, but there was something a bit contrived about it as well: people pointedly introducing themselves to their neighbours; a ‘speech’ delivered at the beginning by a member of staff telling you where the loos and fire exits are. But the vibe was decidedly fun and the crowd was there for a night out, not a meal.

This is certainly a good addition to Peckham; a racuous venue for those who love food and can make a night of eating it accompanied by a concise but by no means under-used booze selection. The staff were all young, enthusiastic and knew their stuff, and I was impressed that the guy who served us on Sunday when he was even more hungover than us remembered me when I went back on Thursday.

Welcome to the neighbourhood Forza, I’m sure you will not struggle to find friends and indeed regulars.